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As you will all know by now, a very famous man named Samuel Pepys kept a diary throughout the Great Fire of London. This diary has enabled us to understand what happened during the fire. Take a look at an extract from his diary below:


In todays live lesson we will be taking about what a diary is and why some people keep them. We will then pretend that we are Toby (from our story) and plan a diary entry from Toby describing what it was like standing in the middle of London during the Great Fire of London.


We will be using four of our senses to help us with this plan (what we can see, hear, smell and feel).


Have a go at writing some ideas for each of these, using the following format (I have given you one example for each sense but you can come up with lots!). Remember, you will want the person who is reading your diary entry to feel as if they are there in the fire. Make your descriptions as exciting as possible and your diary will come alive!


I can see:

  • Bright, red flames billowing from the buildings.


I can hear:

  • The fire crackling as it destroys building after building.


I can smell:

  • The thick smell of smoke clogging up the air.


I can feel:

  • The heat of the fire wrapping itself around my body.


We cannot wait to see your ideas! :)