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Happy New Year! 

Today we are looking at New Years Resolutions!  What are they and why do we make them?  Some people like to make new year resolutions, which are personal goals, that they will aim to work on throughout the year. Anyone can make a new years resolution, and it doesn't have to be just one! 


The trick is to make it meaningful and one that is realistic.  For instance: 


I will make sure that I put away my toys each night. 


Not one like: 


I will be able to stand on my big toe, whilst swinging a dolphin around my head, singing the national anthem backwards

 by the end of January! 




So have a think and a chat with everyone at home and see if you can get them involved too.  Can you make a family one? 

Don't forget to let us know.


There is a Balloon sheet which can be downloaded and printed off below, or just make your own.