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Our Previous displays using our houses.

Welcome Artists.  Now we are going to be having to think outside the box for our Art lessons.  We would have been creating our display board our Topic if we were in class.  We would have had an outline of a house in black sugar paper and we would be threading through tissue paper in reds, yellows and whites to show flames coming from inside it.  Like the picture below.


So this time how about we use the fact that you are all at home (sadly) and we set you the task to make a house out of a cereal box!  This will not be a one lesson task, so please don't rush.  First of all you'll need an empty cereal or tissue box.  So no secretly munching the cereal please.  When you have a box, we want you to create a house.  There are some examples below for you to try.  Let your imagination run wild.  Think about the materials they would have used to build their houses too.


If you would like to try to make a house like our display examples please do.  We'd love to see them.