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Aboriginal Style Art

Aboriginal people were the original people to live in Australia. They are known for producing a style of art (paintings, carvings, sculptures) usually based on nature using natural tools (hands, sticks), materials (leaves, wood, rock, sand).


We looked at some examples of animal paintings to inspire us. We noticed that the pictures were often made from lots of dots.


We painted around an outline of an animal then filled it in using dots. We created the dots with cotton buds and paint.

If you want to have a go at home, you will need to draw the outline of an animal or ask your grown up to do this or to print one for you. Trace over the outline first then follow the inside of this line in a different colour, repeating until the animal’s body is filled in. Try to keep your dots a similar size and close together but not so close that they make a solid line. You could use paints if you have any and anything small to print with e.g. the end of a paintbrush, cocktail stick, end of a pencil, your little finger… You could also use a felt tip (but don’t press down too hard or you will ruin your pen!).


We found this a relaxed job and played some calming music in the background. I hope you have fun if you have a go; I would love to see them 😊