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ABC (agility balance co-ordination) workouts

My 6 FAVOURITE agility, balance & co-ordination tasks

These 6 agility, balance & co-ordination individual tasks are great for any grade K-3 teacher. Get your students developing their fundamentals with the follo...

6 individual Throwing & Catching challenges: Part 1 (grades K-3) | Teaching Fundamentals of PE

Check out the Kindergarten - Grade 2 PE Sport lessons pack at:

Teach the basics of tennis to Kindergarten (up to grade 3) | Fundamentals of PE - fancy some tennis? serve up some great starter lessons to get you in to the swing of it

Here I show you some of the basic teaching points you'll need if you're taking your kids out for tennis in PE!I'll show you how to perform:0:00 - Intro 00:20...