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Good Afternoon year 2. Today we are looking at our capital letters. Remember that capital letters are found at the beginning of a sentence, when writing 'I', a name of a person or place and when writing the days of the week or months of the year. Some of our capital letters look different to when we write them in lower case eg. E and e, but other are the same just bigger e.g. C and c. Today I want you to concentrate on making sure that your capital letters are bigger/taller than the other letters in your word.


Your task today is to write a word for each letter of the alphabet making the first letter in each word a capital e.g. Ant, Ball, Cow. 


Below is a link to some video clips of how we form capitals if you need to refresh your memory and also a worksheet where you can trace over each of the capital letters as a practice before your task (only if you want to). I have attached some handwriting paper for you to use but you can use normal lined paper too.