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Year 2

That folks was the Spring Term!  Boom!  


Fantastic work year 2.  We've had a fun filled Spring Term with a visit from the Firemen of White Watch, Forest Rangers Day, we've had an awesome week of Science.  You've used your imagination to write some truly amazing stories and potions to finish off those pesky seagulls!  In maths you have looked at fractions of shape and number, time, money and improved on your times table recall.  Don't forget to use your maths when you are out and about over Easter.   Your artwork as been wonderful and we're looking forward to your Summer Term creations.

You have worked so very hard, we are very proud of you

Don't forget to help out around the house and fill up your Smartie Boxes with lots of 20p coins.

Hopefully we have seen enough of the white stuff and BRING ON THE SUNSHINE for our Summer Term.


Enjoy a fabulous chocolate filled Easter break! 

Science Week Mould Experiment update!


Finally on Monday we had our first signs of mould appearing in both classes.  Over the week we have seen a vibrant variety of colours appearing especially on the bread in Sycamore class.   Oak's hand experiment has shown that child A definitely had the dirtiest hand! Amazingly still no sign of mould on Child B's hand.  Their hand must have been very clean!


In our test tubes we can see there is more mould growing on the bread in the tube with no lid, than with a lid.  However, the pear with a lid has more mould than the pear without a lid!   The children have been thinking why this is......


Was there more oxygen in the test tube?  Was it placed in too cold a place?


Our carrot top continues to grow.  We are hoping we can keep it growing any maybe eventually plant it out.  Check out the pictures below to see how much mould has grown in a week.

Science Week - Day One



Year 2 had a great start to their science week today with the focus being on "Sound". 


How is sound made? How can we change the volume of a sound?  How can we change the pitch of a sound?


We were lucky enough to have Mr Darvill with us today and he brought along an acoustic guitar, an electric mandolin, tuning forks, a jaws harp, music boxes and elastic bands guitars!  The children had great fun investigating how sound is made using these different pieces of equipment.  The children then spent time with Mrs Reid-Jones making Squawking Chickens!  A lot of time and patience was needed for this and quite a few mastered making their chickens squawk!  Hopefully they made it home safely and you have managed to have a go yourselves. 


Still image for this video
Watch the sound waves as Mr Darvill hits the Tibetan Singing Bowl.


Still image for this video
Mastering the squawking chicken!


Still image for this video
Mastering the Squawking Chicken!

Day two!  Exploring Plants

Day two of science week and we have been looking at plants.  Key questions for the children were, "Are plants just for eating?"   "How does your garden grow and what do plants need to survive?"  We also asked "What is inside a plant?"   The children spent time dissecting a daffodil and naming all the parts of the plant.  The children then created displays of their dissected plants.  Next time you see a daffodil ask the children to name the parts of the plant!


The children also set up a celery experiment today.  Celery has been put into a pot of water and a pot with coloured water in it.  The question asked was,  "What do you think will happen?"   The children came up with some lovely predictions, for instance:


"We think the stalks of the celery will change colour."

"The celery will absorb the water and the leaves will change colour."

"We think the celery will die because the water now has chemicals in it!"


There is not much to report on our decomposition experiment at this time.  However it was noted that the carrot had absorbed the water and we need to top it up! 



Picture 1 What do you think will happen?
Picture 2 We dissected a daffodil.
Picture 3

Day Three!  Microbes and Germs

Day three of science week and it was all about germs!  What are germs and how do they spread?  Many children were amazed at how small germs are and how easily they can be spread.  This was demonstrated in our Handy Hygiene game.  One child had a mixture of flour and glitter on their hands and they shook their hands allowing glitter to fall on to another child's hands. This was then repeated so this demonstrated the spread of germs. They were amazed how far and easily germs can travel.  there was lots of discussion about hand washing and why it is so important to our health!


We are still waiting on a development of mould on our bread, which can only be good thing, as it means the children who pressed their hands into the bread have a good hand hygiene routine!   Our carrot's tops are starting to sprout, but not much activity with the celery as yet.


Year 2 also took the opportunity of good weather to plant the plants left by Chiltern Rangers today, so hopefully we shall have a good crop of wild strawberries to look forward to.  

Picture 1 Wash, Wash, Wash your hands..
Picture 2 Wash the germs away,
Picture 3 Or it will spoil your day!

Day Four - Balloons!


Todays science focus was all about balloons.  How do hot air balloons fly? How do you know air is there?   This brought forth lots of discussion about air, oxygen, and helium.  How the air thins and is colder the higher you are. 


For their experiment today, the children made Balloon Rockets.  They fed a cotton thread through a straw and attached a balloon to the straw.  The balloon was released and they watched what happened.  The variables changed were, different types of straw were used (bendy or straight) and different types of thread.  Did any of these changes impact on the movement of the balloon?  Lots of animated discussion on what made a fair test.


Mould update - Still no mould!!  We obviously have some seriously effective hand washing happening in year 2!

Video from Today.mp4

Still image for this video

Video from Today (2).mp4

Still image for this video

Day Five!  Electricity


Today's focus was all about Electricity.  What is electricity and where does it come from? 

We discussed how electricity is used in our every day lives and how some places in the world still don't have electricity.  The children were able to explain many different ways in which electricity is gathered from wind farms and solar panels.  They also discussed what would be a good conductor and an insulator.  How electricity travels down wires to make things work.  We had sometime in groups to create circuits which would make buzzers sound and bulbs light up!   We also looked at safety and discussed many hazards that may be around the house.   Again lots of wonderful discussion and sharing of known knowledge.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Monday 19th February 2018


What better way to start the half term than with a visit from the crew of High Wycombe's Fire Station. White Watch to be exact! They brought along a fabulous new fire engine for the children to explore. The children were amazed that the fire engine had fire hoses on both sides of the tender. Can you guess why?  The children were shown the various equipment stored on the tender.  For instance the jaws of life, the elephant nail clippers, a bag that inflates to lift incredible weights.  


“I really like the equipment inside the engines, especially the elephant nail clippers and the axe!”


“It was fun seeing Mrs Reid-Jones through the heat camera. She looked like a ghost!”

"I liked climbing inside the fire engine" 


The children also spent time with White Watch comparing how we fight fires today and how fires were fought in the Great Fire of London.  The children were given the opportunity to ask some very pertinent questions such as, "What emotion do you feel when you are fighting a fire?"  

Our thanks to all of White Watch we had "AN EPIC DAY!" 

Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service will carry out a free safety check and fit free smoke alarms where needed.  To book one of the checks ring 01296 744477 or email or visit .

Forest Rangers Day


On Monday 26th February, Year 2 braved the cold to spend some time outside with Chiltern Rangers. First class to brave the cold and snow flakes were Oak class, who were split into groups. Each group had tasks to complete using shears, rakes, and loppers and sheer brute strength! Some of the children built fires ready for toasting marshmellows after lunch. We all enjoyed a packed lunch around the campfires and the marshmellows went down a treat after all their hard work. After lunch it was Sycamore’s turn. A huge thank you to the parents from Oak and Sycamore who braved the cold to help with the more challenging tasks. And our thanks to Paul and all at Chiltern Rangers the children had “the best day ever!”.