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Who's Who




Miss A Cook

Headteacher, Prestwood Village Schools Federation

  Mrs C Gresswell   Deputy Headteacher, Maths Co-ordinator

Miss K Bounds

Reception Teacher, SENDCo & EYFS Leader

  Mrs B Mason   Reception Teacher, School Council Co-ordinator

Mrs K Smith

Reception Teacher, Computing, Art & Design Co-ordinator

Mrs J Nichol

Year 1 Teacher, KS1 Leader & English Co-ordinator

Mr T Edmonds

Year 1 Teacher, PE Co-ordinator

Mrs T Naylor

Year 2 Teacher, Performing Arts  & Humanities Co-ordinator

Mrs M Reid-Jones

Year 2 Teacher, Science Co-ordinator

Mrs L Lynch

Cover Teacher, RE Co-ordinator

Mrs B Taylor

Cover Teacher

Mr O Woodall

PE Teacher

  Mrs H Cordell   Trainee Teacher
  Mrs C Clarke   Reception Learning Support Assistant
  Ms S Dolbear   Reception Learning Support Assistant
  Mrs B Kaye   Reception Learning Support Assistant
  Mrs EJ Wood   Year 1 Learning Support Assistant
  Mrs C Grubb   Year 1 Learning Support Assistant
  Mrs J Henson   Year 1 Learning Support Assistant
  Mrs L Bartington   Year 2 Learning Support Assistant
  Mrs T Pursey   Year 2 Learning Support Assistant
  Mrs S Donoghue   Learning Mentor and Reading with Ralph (Therapy Dog)
  Mrs K Field   Speech and Language Support
  Mrs J France   Learning Support Assistant
  Mrs B Goodacre   Learning Support Assistant

Mr H Payne

Learning Support Assistant



  Mrs I Pauwels   School Administrator
  Mrs S Keeble  School Bursar
  Mr K Riley   Site Manager/Caretaker

Mrs R Eldridge

Pre-school Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor/Librarian

Mrs J Larking

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs V Mossae

Pre-school Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs P Piprakon

Lunchtime Supervisor



Mrs S Sheppard

Pre-school Manager

Mrs J Wilson

Pre-school Deputy Manager

Mrs J Hawkins

Pre-school Assistant

Mrs M Kaminski

Pre-school Assistant

Ms M Lacey

Pre-school Assistant

  Miss J Morton   Pre-school and Willow Club Assistant

Mrs T Elgeti

Willow Breakfast and After School Club Manager/Pre-school Supervisor

Miss S Allis

Willow Club Assistant

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff 1 Miss A Cook
Teaching Staff 2 Mrs C Gresswell
Teaching Staff 3 Miss K Bounds
Teaching Staff 4 Mrs B Mason
Teaching Staff 5 Mrs K Smith
Teaching Staff 6 Miss J Ford
Teaching Staff 7 Mr T Edmonds
Teaching Staff 8 Ms T Naylor
Teaching Staff 9 Mrs Maria Reid-Jones
Teaching Staff 10 Mrs L Lynch
Teaching Staff 11 Mrs B Taylor
Teaching Staff 12 Mrs H Cordell
Teaching Staff 13 Mr O Woodall

Learning Support

Learning Support 1 Mrs L Bartington
Learning Support 2 Mr H Payne
Learning Support 3 Mrs C Clarke
Learning Support 4 Mrs B Kaye
Learning Support 5 MissT Mackie
Learning Support 6 Mrs J Henson
Learning Support 7 Mrs S Dolbear
Learning Support 8 Mrs C Grubb
Learning Support 9 Mrs B Goodacre
Learning Support 10 Mrs K Field
Learning Support 11 Mrs J France

Support Staff

Support Staff 1 Mrs I Pauwels
Support Staff 2 Mrs S Keeble
Support Staff 3 Mr K Riley

Lunchtime Supervision

Lunchtime Supervision 1 Mrs R Eldridge
Lunchtime Supervision 2 Miss J Larking
Lunchtime Supervision 3 Mrs V Mossaee
Lunchtime Supervision 4 Mrs S Habib
Lunchtime Supervision 5 Mrs P Piprakon

Pre-School and Willow Club

Pre-School and Willow Club 1 Mrs S Sheppard
Pre-School and Willow Club 2 Mrs J Wilson
Pre-School and Willow Club 3 Mrs J Hawkins
Pre-School and Willow Club 4 Mrs M Kaminski
Pre-School and Willow Club 5 Ms M Lacey
Pre-School and Willow Club 6 Miss J Morton
Pre-School and Willow Club 7 Mrs T Elgeti