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Week 6

It's all about the Bear Facts!

This week in Reception within our Behaviours for Learning week, we will be learning lots of real bear facts. It will be a non-fiction, fact finding extravaganza. And to top it all off we may get an invitation to a special Teddy Bear picnic with a possible Easter egg hunt - although it has a caveat...We will be invited if we can show off our marvellous manners, tiny tidiers skills, be able to follow incredible instructions, sit like statues, treasure our toys and resources as well as our Lola listening skills. Watch out for the invitation as you will be able to bring your teddies along. 


Phonics sessions will be all about reading longer words, words ending in -ing and compound words.


Maths activities will include reviewing the Spring 2 term: counting to 10, identifying and writing numbers, measuring and comparing, 1 more and 1 less, and number bonds. 


Reading and Writing: bear books and writing facts or creating posters.





Something to bear in mind when you ask "What did you do today?" :)