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Week 4

Welcome to space and in this week we will be floating around to discover facts about the first section of the Solar System. We begin by learning the order of the planets using the mnemonic My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Names. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. 


Literacy: Through the Week we will be learning about the Solar System beginning with the Sun, and then moving on to Mercury, Venus and Earth. We will cover the others next week. Have a look at the Youtube videos about the Storybots exploring the Solar System. (just click). We will be exploring the way we can use books and the Internet to find information about the planets and turn this into our own planet fact page by using our phonics knowledge to sound out and write the words. 


Maths: In our maths lessons this week we will be exploring time for the first couple of days. What are the seasons and when do they happen in the year? Then we will look at the difference between 1 minute and 1 hour. What can you do in 1 minute and what could you do in 1 hour. Look at the numbers of the clock and see how far the minute hand has to go for 1 minute and 1 hour. Later in the week we will be exploring 3D shapes and naming a few of the popular ones e.g. a cube and a sphere. Can you spot any in your environment? Then we will look at sorting them, which ones roll and which slide? Finally we will look at the faces and naming the 2D shape on the faces of a 3D shape. 


Phonics: As we have got through the phase 2 sounds now, the children will review how words become plural when 's' is added at the end as well as reviewing all the sounds, identifying the graphemes and forming them correctly. We will practise blending them to read simple words e.g. ducks, cats, shop, fish etc. 

Check out all the 'out of this world' learning through child initiated play we have been doing this week!

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