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Week 1

We begin our first full week back into Spring 1 and after a couple of days of settling in we delve into our new topic of Prestwood and beyond. We will be looking at our village and the places around us. We will be staying with this topic over the whole term so that we can get the maximum learning that we can from it. 


The two books we will be looking at closely this half term are: 




Phonics: We will be moving into phase 3 of our Little Wandle phonics scheme. We are learning the phonemes: ai, ee, igh, oa. Do click on the link above to take you to the parent page where you can find the correct way to say the new sounds. There are no tricky words this week so it may be a good idea to practise the ones that we have already learned. Again click on the link to take you to the tricky word page on the LW parent page. 


English: We have now taken on Talk for Writing to teach English. Based on communication and language as the basis for writing, we will be looking at ways to create our own stories through play. We will also start our new topic exploring our local area of Prestwood. Please do walk around the village and chat about what you see and what is in the village. 


Maths: As we continue our White Rose Maths journey we now delve further into the numbers 0-5 through the introduction of zero and really consolidating numbers 0-5. 




Do take a quick look at the Parent page for extra info about Reception and what we are doing this term.