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Tuesday 19th

Today we have been looking at doubling, doubling is '2 lots of a number'.


You have a choice of missions today.

1) Get a dice and roll it to get a number. Double that number. Do this until you have doubled all the numbers on the dice.

e.g. I rolled my dice and got a 5, double 5 = 10 or 5+5=10.


2) Choose 2 or 3 of the worksheets attached to work through.


For an extra challenge - roll a dice twice to get 2 numbers. (If you don't have a dice you could ask an adult for 2 numbers between (1 and 6)  Add these numbers together and then double your answer.

e.g. I rolled my dice and got a 4, I rolled it again and got a 3.


Double 7=14 or 7+7=14