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Do you remember where the fire started during the Great Fire of London?

(The bakery, Pudding Lane.)


How did the fire start?

(Thomas Farriner, the baker, forgot to put out the fire in a baking oven on the Saturday evening. A spark of fire dropped out of the oven onto straw and bundles of sticks. The straw started to burn and then the sticks caught fire.)


What would you do if you saw a fire in a bakery?


In today's live lesson we are going to be learning all about fire safety. Take a look at the Power Point Presentation below to have a sneaky peak:

Now we have a game for you to play. Visit the different rooms in the house and identify the fire hazards.
You could also try and find the hazards in these pictures:

Now you can go around your home and check that you do not have any fire hazards in any of your rooms.


It is really important that you know how to call the fire service if you see a fire. Watch the video below to remind yourselves:

The Correct Way to Make an Emergency 999 Call

Knowing what to expect when making an emergency call to the Fire and Rescue Service can help you provide vital information much more quickly and easily

Your final mission is to make a fire safety poster to teach others how to be safe. We cannot wait to see these posters, and when we are back in school, we will put them up around the school to show everyone else!