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The Summer Holidays

The Summer Holidays 


It is now time to relax and kick off those school shoes in exchange for something more comfortable or just no shoes at all. Reception is an amazing year because we see so much change and development in our young protegees. Confidence grows, curiosity is piqued, all the areas are experimented in and used some to the n-th degree and some like to dip a toe in it; but whatever the learning and the experience, it has to be said that our pre-schoolers have taken solid steps into their school pathway. We have enjoyed teaching every single one of the children! The children have worked and played hard, you have helped us and we couldn't do it without you. We just want to say THANK YOU to you too. Thank you for everything from getting the children here to school and every tiny thing in between to your very generous gift for the team. 

Be sure to say hello and don't forget us.  


Very kind wishes and have the most amazing hols.


The EYFS team x