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Deep Sea Spellers

Deep Sea Spellers is a successful spelling scheme which removes the many problems associated with spelling tests.  

Children are often reluctant to learn their spellings as there is no motivation to get all their spellings correct.  They may learn them for the test, only to forget them the following week.  Deep Sea Spellers uses repetition to enable pupils to truly learn how to spell common words that they use every day, as well as words that are often difficult to remember.  The structure of the scheme motivates pupils to move through the levels, creating a positive attitude towards the learning of the spellings and the tests themselves.  


Deep Sea Spellers is made up of 7 main clubs.  These clubs contain a large number of words, so each one is broken down into levels.  Each level has a group of words for the pupils to learn for their test.  Pupils are not expected to get all the spellings in their level right at the first attempt as the lists are long, however, they need to get all the spellings in their level correct before they can move onto the next one.  If they fail to get all the words in that level correct they continue with the same set of words they have been learning.  This provides the repetition that reinforces the correct spelling in the pupil's minds and prevents them from forgetting the spelling of those words in the future.


Understanding of words from the tests


The higher level clubs contain words that the pupils may be unfamiliar with, particularly younger children who have moved through the clubs quickly.  Learning these words will improve their vocabulary, but in order to use these words in their own speech and writing it is important that their meaning is understood. So as well as a set of words, pupils also have to use the words in sentences and complete a word search or definition work. Spelling sheets should be completed and returned each week and a raffle ticket will be awarded.

Tips on how to learn your spellings