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Lava Lamps

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Today in Science Club we created our own Lava Lamps. These are really easy to do at home and I hope you have a go!
All you will need is a clear cup or jar, some oil, water, food colouring (if you wish to jazz up your lamp) and some Alka-Seltzer tablets.
Please note these are not sweets and should not be consumed! Always have an adult with you when you are creating your Lava Lamps.
Try adding some bio-degradable glitter to your lamp!

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Today we made helicopters using paper and card, comparing which was the most effective.


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Lemon Volcanoes

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We had great fun creating volcanoes. For this activity all you need is a lemon, bicarbonate of Soda, food colouring and washing up liquid. You will also need a little extra lemon juice to give your volcano a boost! Why not have a try at home.

Dancing Raisins

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We had lots of fun comparing raisins and strawberry laces today. Which would dance the most? Why didn't the laces dance? To try this at home all you need is some lemonade and raisins. Try changing the lemonade for sparkling water. Will it still work? Can you make something else dance in lemonade?