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Hi guys, if we were in school this week we would be setting up our Science experiment growing Beans without soil.  This is called Aquaponics or Hydroponically!  To grow something Aquaponics/Hydroponically means to grow without soil.  I have attached a film that goes into it much more in depth.  But we will be using a very simple way of growing seeds without soil.  Now I have been trying to get some bean seeds for a while, but everywhere is sold out, but you might find some lettuce, sunflower or cress seeds may still available. 


To Grow a seed you will need :      

  • a clear food bag (or jar)
  • a seed  - Bean/sunflower or anything really
  • kitchen towel
  • stapler - if using a food bag.
  • water


  1. First take a piece of kitchen roll and fold it in half.
  2. Then put the kitchen roll into a clear food bag.
  3. Then staple across the bag about an inch from the bottom, ensuring that the kitchen roll is touching the bottom of the bag.
  4. Then drop a bean into the bag so it sits on top of the staples.
  5. Carefully pour a bit of water in the bottom of the bag.  This will be the reservoir and seal the top of the bag.
  6. Now cellotape this to a sunny window and watch it grow.
  7. DO NOT OPEN THE BAG!  The water in the bag is all you need.  It will have it's own eco system within the bag with a water cycle taking place within the bag.  The water will evapourate, condense and the cycle will repeat itself.


IMPORTANT: The bean must NOT be sitting in water.  The kitchen towel will absorb the water up into the paper and that waters the bean.  If the bean is submerged it will rot.


You can do this with a jar too.  Fill the jar with cotton wool or kitchen towel.  Place the seed of your choice against the side of the jar making sure it is not resting on the bottom in the water.  Put a lid on it and again leave it alone.  Don't take the lid off as this will disturb the water cycle. 


Take some pictures and show me you results. 

Document by writing, drawing or taking a picture every few days to record what is happening to your seed. Create a Seed Diary.  You could also take measurements of it.   When you have a few leaves appear inside the bag is the time to plant into soil. 


What your beans will look like in a bag.

Bean Time Lapse

Still image for this video
Watch this video and see how a beans grow. What do you see happening first? See all the difference stages of growth at speed!

Emilia has started her own seed experiment.

Benji has started to work on his own bean experiment.

Jonty has set up his bean experiment.

Charlie's bean has started to sprout in just three days!