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Topic this term is all about becoming a Nature Detective.


We have already looked at the different habitats around the world; for example, rainforests, woodlands, rivers and oceans.  There are so many more.  We've looked at the different animals found in these habitats.  What adaptations they have had to make to be able to live there?  For example the seal has a large layer of blubber to protect itself from the cold water.  The Arctic Fox has long fluffy fur to help insulate it and keep it warm in the cold weather of the Arctic.


For this week's challenge I would like you to find a micro-habitat either in your garden or when you are out taking your daily walk.  Remember micro means small.  This may be under a log, or in a crevice in a wall.  There are lots of different places that animals call home. Your challenge for the week is this:


  • First of all watch the video below and take note of how carefully he looks at a micro habitat.  Remember we want to look and not disturb their home.
  • Either take a photo graph or draw this habitat.  Don't forget to label it. 
  • What materials have been used? 
  • Which creatures live in this habitat?
  • Pick a creature from the habitat and create a fact file about it.  Conduct some research to see what it likes to eat, what it looks like?  Draw this creature and label carefully all its adaptations.


Don't forget to send me photos of what you have been up to.

Sam's micro-habitat hunt

Dylan's Micro Habitat Hunt!

Molly's Habitat Investigation

Yann's habitat work.

Benji's Habitat Hunt

Elouisa's Habitat Hunt

Paddy's work on mini beasts

Butterflies by Paddy