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This week we are looking at prayer.  Prayer is something that people of different religions do and it can be formal or private.  When we say formal we mean it is done within a group of people in either a church, chapel, synagogue, or mosque. Private means that you will pray in your own space and time.  Some people will set up a corner in their house for prayer. Some may go to a special place other than the more formal settings we have already mentioned above.


Prayer can be a very meaningful experience for those taking part in it.  It is a time for reflection and thanks.


There are many different ways, books and objects that are used in prayer. The more commonly known one is the simple act of pressing ones hands together.


There are head coverings for both men and women, rosary beads and prayer mats used by many different religions. Have a scroll through the pictures below to see if you recognise any.


Variety of things that people use in prayer.

Now it is important to remember that prayer or meditation is a personal thing.  Some religions have set prayers that are said at certain times of the day, month, year or for a special event. 


Today we would like you to reflect on your life and what you give thanks for. 

We would like you to draw or write a short prayer or meditation.




Meditation can be done inside or outside.  Below is an example script of a meditation that can be read to a child. 



Don't forget to send us your prayers and meditations.