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Hi guys we hope you enjoyed making your maths resource boxes and are ready to put them to use. 


Today we are going to understand the place value of 2 digit numbers.  We are going to know how many tens a number has; how many ones a number has and use this information to sort numbers. 


Task one: 

Pick two cards from our box to create a number.  e.g. 43  Then we are going to make the number using our resource box.  Then draw it.  We are then going to complete these sentences: 


I know there are _____ tens in ______.

I know there are _____ ones in ______.

I know the value of the ten is _______.


This last one does catch us out sometimes so remember the value is how much the ten is worth so in 43 :


I know there are 4 tens in 43. 

I know there are 3 ones in 43. 

I know the value of the ten is 40. 


Task two:

Using your cards or number square pick three two digit numbers.  e.g. 


42         61        59     


Order them smallest to largest.    42      59      61    

Then we are going to use our maths knowledge to explain why they are in this order.  e.g. 

I know that 42 is the smallest number because it only has four tens in it.  61 has six tens and so is the biggest number.  59 has five tens and so smaller than 61, but bigger than 42.    It's really an important skill to be able to explain exactly what you're doing and not just say, "I know it!", " I did it in my head!"


Task three: 

Continuing on from our video where we added a single digit to a two digit number.  So using your cards make a two digit number and add/take away ten.  


e.g.  If I make 59 


I know that if I add ten more it will become 69.  The tens number changes and the ones number stays the same. 

If I take away ten the number with 49. 


Starfish Strike homework has been set on Abacus, so don't forget to log in.  There are also some speaking and listening games allocated to you all too.