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Today we are going to be investigating pairs of numbers that make 9. This will be similar to our learning from yesterday. 


Can you find 9 small objects (pasta perhaps)  in your house and draw a bar model like this: 












We are going to put all 9 things in the top "whole" section. Then we are going to split them up so that some are in each of the two "parts." We know that there are still 9 things altogether; I haven't added any more or take any away. The next job will be to count how many in each "part" and writing this as a number sentence. 


For example: 


XXX          XXXXXX




Independent Task: Can you use your bar model to find all the pairs of numbers that add together to make 9? 

Extra challenge: Can you work systematically, starting with 1 item in one part and then moving one more across each time?