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Remember that we have been learning about counting in 2s. Yesterday we had a go at counting in 2s using 2p coins. Today we are going to count individual objects by grouping them in 2s and counting them. Can you think of anything that comes in pairs that we could use to count in 2s? I thought about socks or shoes smiley


Have a look at this picture, how many PAIRS of socks are there? (Not now many individual socks) 


I have counted 6 pairs of socks. I could have circled each pair to help me with this. 


To find out how many individual socks there are I can use my counting in 2s. Perhaps you could try too? I'm going to point to each pair as I count in 2s.... 2,4,6,8,10,12 

I have 12 socks! I could write this as a repeated addition number sentence 2+2+2+2+2+2= 12 


Independent task: You could do this job practically using socks you have at home, or using the sheet below. First count how many PAIRS you have, if you are using the sheet you could circle them. Then use your counting in 2s to find out how many socks there are and write the answer. 

Extra challenge: Try writing it as a number sentence (grown ups, we don't use "x" in Year One as it is important for children to understand repeated addition before moving on to multiplication).