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Remember yesterdays learning about odd and even numbers; even numbers can be shared into two groups equally, and odd numbers can’t.

We are going to look at a pattern on our hundred square to help us with this.


Let’s start with 1, can it be shared out equally (without cutting in half)? No, so lets colour (or circle) it in blue. Lets look at 2, find 2 objects- look, it can be shared equally, it’s even, colour it in red. Repeat this to 10 like I have.


I’ve noticed a pattern here, has anyone spotted it? It goes odd, even, odd, even,. I’ve also noticed that the even numbers are the one we say when we count in 2s… Count in 2s pointing at all the numbers you have coloured in red.

This pattern continues, 11 is odd (colour blue), 12 is even (colour red), this keeps going all the way to 100! 


Independent Task: Your job is to carry this pattern on! You could print or make a hundred square to help you with this.