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Today we are going to be talking about different types of jobs. Start by watching the video below which explores some jobs that some people have at the circus. The first one is of some acrobats and the second video is of a professional hooper. 

INCREDIBLE Peking Acrobats jump through rings and do crazy flips!

Watch Peking/Beijing Acrobats jump through rings and do flips and other tricks at the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver, BC.

Geraldine Philadelphia (Germany, Hula Hoop) - 19th International Circus Festival of Italy 2018

October 2018 - Latina (Italy)19th Edition of the International Circus Festival of ItalyGeraldine Philadelphia, Germany - Hula HoopSpecial Prize La BoucheMusi...

In a circus it is everyone's job to try and entertain people by making them feel happy. Try and write a sentence for each video shown above.


Remember to include capital letters at the beginning, finger spaces between every word and full stops at the end.

Here are some examples:


The acrobats flip and jump.


The hooper spins hoops.


If you would like to write more sentences then take a look below for some ideas.