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Lesson three

Today we will add two 2-digit numbers by counting in 10s, then adding 1s.  So just like yesterday we are going to break the number down into tens and ones.

e.g.   46 + 32 =

         40 + 30 = 70

         6 + 2 =      8

         70 + 8 = 78

We did look at this last week so should be familiar to you.


Task one:

Create a 2-digit number by rolling a 1-6 dice twice or using your number cards 1 - 6.  You could work with someone each creating a 2 digit number.  Add the two numbers and find the total.  You could make a game of it by using the resource sheet below, crossing the answer off on a 1 to 150-square (Resource sheet 734).   Use two different colours so you know who got the most right!  


Task two: 

No invent two additions with both 1s digits greater than 5.  So use your cards 1 - 9.  Again make a game of it crossing off the correct answer.  Have some fun with it.


Remember if you don't have a printer just keep a tally score of the ones you get right. 

The one with the lowest score could do the washing up or take the bins out!!!

Alternatively use the petal sheet below.  Pick a number from each flower and add them together. 

Again apologies for copy I will bring book home when I am next in school.

Phoebe's fantastic maths work