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Welcome to Spring 2 and our new topic - The Circus. Hopefully we will be back at school soon and following Government guidelines to teach and learn safely. Please have a look at the new learning which will be added to each week and of course, the Useful Websites page which will have valuable resources to help you on your learning journey. 

Week starting 29.03.21


As you have read in the newsletter this week hot lunches will be resuming after the Easter break. Currently our reception children have been enjoying lunches in the classroom and more recently, due to the good weather, having a picnic outside. 

Lunchtime will be quite a change and as advised in the newsletter, it would be a really good idea to chat with your children about this change. Due to the time limits, we will get half an hour to eat lunch whether it is a pack lunch or a hot dinner and then half an hour to enjoy some playtime outside. 


Top tips for a successful lunch:


Do practise:

  • eating your meals in half an hour

  • using a knife and fork (for hot meals)

  • opening packets such as crisps etc (for pack lunches)

  • staying sitting down in one place


Also please do choose the hot meals from the menu with your child when you pre-order for the week instead of an unwelcome may be worth explaining that the meals may taste a little different from the same meal at home. 


This will help to make the new lunchtime experience fun and easier to anticipate!


Thank you for your co-operation and help.


The EYFS team