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Handwriting lessons are so much fun and we didn't want you to miss out so here we go....


Normally we use the Penpals Handwriting scheme and the following link contains videos for all the letters but we are currently working on the Curly Caterpillar letters only. 


See the poster below for all the letters you will need to practice. 





When you have watched it you can have a go at the following activities for the curly caterpillar letters 


  • Write the letter in the air
  • Write the letter on the floor or on the door
  • Write the letter somewhere on your body
  • Write the letter as many times as you can in chalk/pen/pencil/crayon
  • You can write it lots of times in a tray/plate of salt/sand/rice
  • To make it challenging you can try and make sure they are all the same size


When you've got the correct way of doing it, you can try writing words which contain the curly caterpillar letters.