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Year 2

Another fabulous week in Year 2.  The children have been writing letters this week to Mr Augustus explaining that they have found his smile.  The children were introduced to Adverbs this week. They found out how an Adverb tells you more about the Verb and usually ends in 'ly'.  For example 'She laughed loudly.  We are always told to eat healthily.'  We started by thinking about describing how we could do things. Were we careful? Can we be brave? Are we angry? We then added the 'ly' to our words turning them into adverbs: carefully, bravely, angrily.  The children then wrote some sentences using their Adverbs. 


I quickly ran away from they lava monster.

I sat silently in the library. 

I saw something drifting slowly through the long grass.  


The children then wrote short letters to Mr Augustus using all the elements they had learnt over the past two weeks. Past tense verbs, adjectives and adverbs. 


Dear Mr Augustus

Yesterday I was slowly eating my delicious lunch and something was

beside my plate.  It was your shiny smile.  If you come to my house

you can just check if it is yours. 




Dear Mr Augustus

Yesterday I was cautiously in the attic.  I saw a box and it was weirdly moving and jumping. 

Anxiously I opened it.  It was your smile!  I don't know how it got there.  I was just simply amazed I found it. 

It was jumping excitedly in the box and it wanted to get out.  Call me in your spare time. 

Yours sincerely



In Maths this week we have been looking at 'Greater than and Less than'.  Understanding the symbols used in this concept.  24 is greater than 14 would look like 24 >14, or 14 is less than 24 which would look like 14 < 24.  Also the children were beginning to understand that the equals symbol also represents the same as.  For instance 24 is the same as 24, which would look like 24 = 24.  They were then set some challenges:  Is this correct?  14 + 2  >  10 + 3     or   30 - 5 = 20 + 5 .   


In Topic this week the children looked at the continent of Africa.  Locating the country Kenya and marking it on a map.  They also discussed the physical and human features found in the country.  Lots of great discussions were had. 


In Art this week we looked at the medium of watercolours.  The children experimented with wax and a water colour wash to create an Ndebele themed picture.  Some then went on to draw an African landscape in their books. 


Don't forget to keep practising your times tables over the weekend.  Your next Abacus task has been uploaded, so don't forget to log in.  Any log in issues please do not hesitate to pop into school and we can sort them for you.  Keep reading not only your school books but any books you have at home.  

Looking for right angles and beginning to understand symmetry.

Creating our own Globes.

Yr 2 Timetable