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Bring on the Clowns ....and the Magicians!

This has been a rather fun week because we have been looking at clowns and magicians. We have been clowning around with our rhyming skills and each class came up with a poem about clowns. We put some actions with the words and performed it for the other class. 

The poems are here for you to look at. We hope you enjoy them. 

We are also writing story plans on a clown and magician theme. Watch this space or ask the children to tell you the story at the end of the week. 


Clown Poems

Clown Poems 1
Clown Poems 2

Science Week in Reception

Last week was Science Week and EYFS children had a great time exploring all the different areas on the different days.

Have a look at the posters to find out about the things we did.Germ Gestating!Picking apart plants!Electric Boogaloo!

Sound scientists!

Welcome to Reception!


Roll up! Roll up! Come to the circus. Apple and Cherry Classes have started their new topic learning all about Circuses.  Our role play area has been transformed into a Big Top and the children have been dressing up as circus performers and learning new tricks. They have written and presented information about the different jobs in a circus and written sentences in their books; some have even used capital letters and full stops!  In maths some children have been measuring length, height and weight and others have started learning about adding and number bonds.


It was lovely to meet some of you last night at the first Parents' Evening and we are looking forward to catching up with the rest of you next week.  Don't forget we will be celebrating World Book Day on Thursday and everyone will be dressing up as a favourite book character. Celebrations will continue on Friday with our Story Telling Day.


We are enjoying our lovely new website and urge you to check out the photos of all the Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses who joined the Royal Banquet on our Castles WOW Day last half term. 

Castles WOW Day

Castles WOW Day 1
Castles WOW Day 2
Castles WOW Day 3
Castles WOW Day 4
Castles WOW Day 5
Castles WOW Day 6
Castles WOW Day 7
Castles WOW Day 8
Castles WOW Day 9
Castles WOW Day 10
Castles WOW Day 11
Castles WOW Day 12
Castles WOW Day 13
Castles WOW Day 14