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Christmas Party

Christmas Party 1 Christmas Party

Run Run as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Men.


This week in preschool we are making Gingerbread men, the children have enjoyed reading the story and we have also learnt a Rhyme.


Here is a very simple recipe, as this is a lovely activity to do at home over the Christmas holidays.



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Gingerbread Rhyme
 Stir a bowl of gingerbread

smooth and spicy brown.

Roll it with a rolling pin

up and up and down.

With a cookie cutter

make some little men.

Put them in the oven ,

Until half past ten.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Our Christmas activities have begun. With lots of help from the children we have changed our role play area into a Winter Wonderland. The children loved helping us with this, especially decorating the tree.

We now have tinsel and baubles everywhere but it is all their own work. and they are very proud of it.! They even dressed Mrs Mel up!










Now the children have all settled each half term we will be running stay and play sessions. These will be on different days each time in the hope that you will all have the opportunity to come in and play with us. We have a sheet up in the entrance hall for you to sign if you are able to make it.




     Monday 19th November at 2pm




Today we learnt about Diwali, we dressed up made Diva's and got to try some Indian foods.



Picture 1
Picture 2 Talking about Diwali and the foods they might eat.
Picture 3 I think it is a big crisp, i like crisps
Picture 4 It is sticky.
Picture 5 Its Yummy
Picture 6 I'm not sure if I will like it

















Autumn Term 2


Welcome back after the half term holiday, and welcome to our new staff member Miss Jayde, she will be working with Mrs Violet and Mrs Rachel in the younger preschool room from January.  We cant believe we are now on the count down to Christmas! and what an exciting time we have in store.

Our topic for this half term is "Colour, Pattern and Celebrations" We will be looking at Autumnal changes in our environment such as colour changes, weather and hibernation and talking about Halloween, Bonfire night, Diwali leading up to Christmas and how children celebrate around the world.

This year we have decided not to do a Christmas nativity, we have thought long and hard about this and decided as a team that  for the preschool children it is not beneficial. However we will be having a Christmas party on the last morning of term. (Wednesday 19th December) Please look out for more details nearer the time. When you come to collect after the party you will be invited in to listen to the children sing  a couple of their favourite Christmas songs.

We do intend to do an assembly later in the school year when the children are settled.


  • Please can we remind you to name all items of clothing, especially hats and gloves now the cold weather is here.
  • Lots of children are not returning their library books to be changed, please check with your key worker your child's library day. Reading with your child is one of the most important things you can do in preparation for school.
  • Sharon is now looking at the January register we do have a few spare sessions, so please let Sharon know if you would like more.

More all About Me

This week we have been busy planting flowers in our preschool garden and talking about how to look after them, the children also enjoyed making a dinosaur world in our large tyre, and sun catchers from some old CD's. Our bug hotel is getting busy with lots of insects looking for somewhere to stay and the children are enjoying looking at the different bugs.



We had our first PE lesson in the school hall and this was received with lots of positive feed back from the children, who absolutely loved it. We encouraged the children to talk about the effects of exercise on their body and encouraged them to climb, jump etc safely    



Following the children's interests they helped us to make a Woodland Den inside which they filled with lots if animals, We then read the story "Ridiculous" and talked about hibernation.         


Over the last few weeks we have been introducing the children to lots of different malleable resources, such as, shaving foam, corn flour dough, pasta, play doh and shredded wheat  allowing them to touch,smell and explore different textures. The cornflour dough was a big hit.  You might like to try making this at home, it is so easy and very therapeutic. Simply add cold water to a few spoonfuls of cornflour.We did this on trays sitting at a table.




Library Books

Just a reminder to bring back your library books on your child's allotted day so that they can choose another one. If you are not sure which day is your library day please ask your child's key worker.

Preschool 2018/2019


Welcome to all our new families and welcome back to those that were with us last term. The preschool team are very excited to get to know all the children and have been very impressed  at how well they have all settled so far. Our first topic is All about Me, this will help us in getting to know all the children through some fun and exciting activities.

Keep checking as some photos will be added soon.

Settling into Preschool.

Settling into Preschool. 1
Settling into Preschool. 2
Settling into Preschool. 3
Settling into Preschool. 4
Settling into Preschool. 5
Settling into Preschool. 6
Settling into Preschool. 7
Settling into Preschool. 8
Settling into Preschool. 9
Settling into Preschool. 10
Settling into Preschool. 11
Settling into Preschool. 12
Settling into Preschool. 13
Settling into Preschool. 14
Settling into Preschool. 15
Settling into Preschool. 16
Settling into Preschool. 17
Settling into Preschool. 18
Settling into Preschool. 19
Settling into Preschool. 20
Settling into Preschool. 21
Settling into Preschool. 22
Settling into Preschool. 23
Settling into Preschool. 24
Settling into Preschool. 25
Settling into Preschool. 26
Settling into Preschool. 27
Settling into Preschool. 28
Settling into Preschool. 29
Settling into Preschool. 30
Settling into Preschool. 31
Settling into Preschool. 32